Electronic Purge

This morning, I was playing around on the iPad and realized that my iMessages were not synced with the iMessages on my iPhone. I googled and figured out some possible reasons. Ultimately I fixed it. Then I started looking through my contacts and realized that FB friends were showing up there.


Thank you, iOS 6 and FB app integration. I googled again and figured out how to turn off that feature as well. Then I decided to start going through my contacts. When was the last time you purged your phone and email contacts?

Clearly, I haven’t done it since, oh, 2007. LOL!

I had folks on there from Yahoo 360. 360 doesn’t even exist anymore! I had Yahoo IM contacts that I didn’t even remember. Since the advent of FB and Tw.itter, I haven’t logged into IM for a couple of years now. Everyone I need to talk to is on the first two.

There was so much info to delete that I got tired. I’m going to finish it some time during this hiatus.

Do you keep your contact lists up to date, or do you find yourself just continuing to add people?


10 thoughts on “Electronic Purge

  1. Hahaha yes I purge every 6mos and update my categories monthly. Thats the anal blackberry user in me lol. I still sync to Outlook so I keep that very current

  2. I definitely keep my contacts up-to-date. I try to go through them twice a year. I sometimes keep folks in there I no longer care to communicate with just so I know not to answer/respond!

  3. Nope. Just add and add and add. I lost my contacts (did a horribly bad sync and deleted everything) and if you didn’t respond to my facebook call, I never added you back. And since its been 2 years and they haven’t contacted me, its all good.

  4. Every now and again I will go through and purge. I usually only outright delete if I plan to never speak to you again. That’s a form of closure for me. These days, I just hit “unfriend” on FB and it will sync to my phone. My contacts are all synced through Google so it makes it hard to truly purge people b/c Google saves EVERYTHING!

    I did go through about half of my FB friend list and recategorize them.

  5. I continue to add people and only purge every blue moon..rarely. LOL I actually recently went through my contacts and started deleting folks. I took my FB contacts off as well. I don’t need all that in my contacts. It saves birthdays, events, etc. No ma’am. I don’t need it.

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