I always say I’m going to try meditation. I did one guided meditation in a yoga class once; I relaxed, but I don’t think I got to the point of falling a sleep, like some of my classmates.

I don’t know how to turn my brain off.

Seriously. I have to be to the point of extreme exhaustion or something before I can just really veg. Or extreme relaxation. This is a problem…because clearly, my body does need this time to wind down.

Last night, I downloaded this app:

The iSleep Easy meditation app. It was a guided meditation with soothing background noise. Of course, I had to use headphones cuz SOMEBODY was in the living room with the tv on 78.


During the guided meditation, the voice was saying things like, “everything I need to take care of can wait until tomorrow” and “this sleep will restore my energy.” It all sounded great!

And I could not get relaxed. *facepalm*

Eventually I must’ve dozed off, because I had set it to play 30 minutes of “forest wind” after the guided meditation was over (which I think I’m going to switch to “rain” later) and I don’t remember hearing any of that.

Then HH came in the room clanking around and woke me up. *shakes fist at him*

I’m going to try it again tonight…but it probably will work better when he is NOT home. LOL!

Yesterday, I planned to buy some Calms Forte while I as at the store. It’s supposed to he,p ease you into sleep. Apparently, a lot of Charlotteans need to ease into sleep, as they were completely OUT. I ended up getting some biochemical phosphates, which are supposed to help with nervous exhaustion, irritability and sleeplessness. I can take them throughout the day. We shall see. Homeopathy to the rescue!

Have you ever tried meditation?


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