Brand New Funk

I was riding to work this morning, listening to Backspin on SiriusXM (that’s the old school rap/hip hop channel, for those unfamiliar). They cued up “Brand New Funk” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Yes, Willard Smith before the illustrious acting career. LOL!

I started rapping along and it took me back to junior high. At one point in the song, he mentions a cassette. I remember buying this cassette and listening to it over and over again. “Nightmare on My Street,” “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” classic stuff.

Then I started thinking back to some of the first cassettes I owned:

  • True Blue – Madonna
  • Whitney Houston
  • Spanish Fly – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
  • Life, Love & Pain – Club Nouveau

Like most of my cassettes, they went missing in action. People borrowed and didn’t return them. The cases were cracked. I had cassettes and no cases…LOL!

I also had my fair share of mix tapes. Slow jam tapes where I’d record from the radio (my Syracusans will remember the Sunday Night Love flight on Z89 with DJ Finesse). Recording from 45s and 78s to tapes so I could take the music with me. Good times, good times.

You couldn’t tell me nothin’ when I got a Walkman with auto reverse! Winning!

It was cool to take that little trip down memory lane. What were some of the first cassettes you owned? What was your favorite? The one you wore out until you had to try and repair it with scotch tape? LOL!


5 thoughts on “Brand New Funk

  1. BBD. I popped that tape, got some Scotch tape and put that bad boy back together. And then they started selling blank cassette tapes and it was ON! I recorded the hot 8 at 8 on WGCI (107.5 in Chicago) and I would have ALL the songs! And don’t let me find an old cassette of my mom’s. Cover the holes in the top with tape (or toilet paper in a pinch) and I got my recording on!!!

    I had this Chicago house music tape that was the best. I wish I still had it. Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle was another classic.

    Crazy thing is that I had most of my cassettes until 2006 or so. Then I realized I didn’t own a cassette player so why was I keeping the tapes?

    But trust & believe, Mister has ALL of his cassettes!

    • When we had stuff in storage, HH had a duffel bag of cassettes. I was like, “really?” He won’t let them go. In his defense, the Stinkin’ Lincoln (as I call his car) does have a tape deck. Matter of fact, my 05 Maxima had a tape deck. LOL!

  2. My first cassette was the single “Dial my Heart” by the Boys. I was in the 3rd grade so I had to be 8. My uncle got it for me and I played it every. single. day. Lol. Thanks for the trip down memory lane…wow!

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