Necessary Evil

I decided that I don’t want to be this size/weight when my birthday rolls around (1/27). Well, I don’t wanna be this size, period. My birthday is a check in point where I hope to have made good progress.

I also know exactly what’s been holding me back. If you follow me on Twitter, or we’re FB friends, you know I’m not a stranger to exercise. I like going to the gym and I’ve actually come to love getting in the pool.

My problem? This here: CALORIES IN.

I hate tracking calories. HATE IT! Measuring out servings, inputting it all into MyFitnessPal, knowing exactly how many calories are in those goodies at Starbucks (snowman cookies, anyone?)…


I was successful with my weight loss in 2005, because I did Weight Watchers. I kept track of every little point, and most times I didn’t even give myself the exercise points. Zero point soup? On it! I found creative ways to get full and stay within my points.

I know that was the key.

The other thing is, I am not a big fan of cooking. It’s a necessary evil. I grew up in a house where my mom cooked all the time. It definitely was not weight loss friendly. You threw the food in the pot and kept it moving. Serving size? Unheard of. LOL!

If you follow me on MFP, just know that there will be a lot if pre packaged meals. It’s just easier for me – for serving size and calorie tracking. But I will try to make sure the snacks in between meals are fresh fruits and veggies. I can do that.

So, we’re going to try this again. I don’t want all my workouts to be in vain. And it really is better not to mindlessly shove calories into your trap all day. Or maybe it’s just me who does that at work. LOL!

It’s a tough time, with the holidays and people bringing food into work left and right. I will just have to be strong. It’ll help that half the stuff will be pork, which is an automatic “no” for me.

I am determined. HH and I have a friendly challenge that ends in his birthday in March. It’ll be interesting to see how he does, being away from
Home 5 days a week.

My starting weight was recorded this morning. Let the games healthier lifestyle begin.


7 thoughts on “Necessary Evil

  1. Sigh. I am so addicted to sugar that it’s not even funny. Used to be bread and sugar but I’ve managed to cut way back on the amount of bread I eat – hoping to get there with sugar but it’s HARD!

    I need to weigh myself, but I don’t wanna 😦

    • I didn’t want to either, but I needed a starting point. lol!

      Pasta and rice seem to be my biggies. I don’t eat a lot of bread unless I’m eating out. Definitely need to do better.

  2. Hi Cassandra! You’re invited to join my January Jeans Club. A bunch of us are pledging to eat this holiday season in a way that makes us look good in our blue jeans in January 2013.

    My birthday is in January too. I’m a little sensitive about getting older, so I can’t be both old and pudgy when I turn 45. There’s only so much I can handle! 😀

    🙂 Marion

    • LOL! With your fitness level you can outdo most folks in their 20s. 🙂

      The office is making it so hard. They’re bringing in food all week, and they keep setting it up outside my cubicle. Ugh!

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