Epic Brain Dump

Because, yeah…it’s been a minute. Howdy, folks!

  • I am ridiculously far behind on my CPCU reading. I will be reading every night until that test on 12/14. I set a study plan and failed to follow it. I swear I shoulda waited until Kanary 2013 to sign up for this test. Trying to be ambitious, #nshit. Sigh.
  • HH started his new gig out of town on 11/1 and I HATE IT. Hate it, hate it, hate it. We only see him 2 days per week, and both are days in which I’m working, so I really see him for about 8 hours each day. I basically have to focus on this thing one week at a time, instead of thinking about how long we could be dealing with this. And them I hope like crazy that one of the oldsters here retires, so a position will open back up.
  • I took CH to see NC A&T (Aggie Pride!) play FAMU on 11/10. He had a good time. We enjoyed the game and it was cool to once again see my nephew play his quints. Unfortunately not all the band members can march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade due to size constraints. Since he missed some practices (due to placing studies ahead of band,which I fully support), he will not be marching. But he’s going to make the trip, anyway. I took the greedy boys out to dinner, along with my nephew’s girlfriend, to a place called Kickback Jack’s. I like her. She’s nice. A year behind him. Seems very sweet and more so his speed than that last one.
  • On 11/15 I attended a continuing education seminar thrown by a popular law firm in this area. It’s always informative and entertaining. Tis year we earned about arson investigations and they had a demonstration with one of the CFD dogs who is trained to sniff out accelerants. They always have a great holiday party afterwards, and we earn 6 CE credits. Every adjuster in NC must earn 24 credits every two years to keep their license in good standing.
  • Thanksgiving is with my in-laws. I would rather be with my sisters, but compromise, right? Next year it’s my family. LOL!
  • it’s been weird to sign my new last name. My license arrived on Saturday, so now it feels more official. It’s funny to me how some creditors/accounts request documentation, and others were like, “oh, I can just change it over the phone.” Chase and Citi didn’t ask me to send anything, they just changed it. SunTrust and NavyFed needed more documentation…perhaps because it was checking accounts as opposed to credit cards?
  • shout out to the DMV employee for taking my pic so close up that my face looks uber-wide and Shamu-ish. Yay.
  • I think I’m about halfway through my name change list. I’m hoping a lot of the remaining accounts can just change it over the phone.
  • I sent my mom her copy of our wedding photo album. It’s supposed to arrive today. I need to check and make sure she gets it…although she’ll probably just call me.
  • flabbergasted that the Cowboys had to beat the Browns in OT. Sigh. HH said Tony Romo has gotten too comfortable and needs to be traded for a change in scenery. I can’t disagree. Shake up the team a bit.
  • I am eligible for early upgrade for my phone on 12/1. Otherwise, under contract until April. I’m trying to decide what to do. I currently pay $29.99 for unlimited data because I was grandfathered in. Now when we upgrade, they are taking that away and we must choose a data plan. I honestly don’t even know how much data I use per month and if a new plan would even change my bill all that much. My iPad has AT & T data…wondering if I should hold out until April and get a new iPhone with them. Who is your cell phone plan with? Do they have reasonable data plans?
  • I am currently participating in the cardio/strength challenge through The Fit Lounge’s blog. I like working out. I HATE tracking food. Guess what we get bonus points for this week? Tracking food. Booooooooo. Making me be all conscious about what I eat. I just wanna scarf cookies without knowing their calorie content, dang it! Alas, I need to do it because I need to shed 15 lbs. For real. 20 would be bonus, but I don’t think I could realistically maintain at 145 lbs. especially since I can’t run. 😦

That’s all I have. What’s new with you?


3 thoughts on “Epic Brain Dump

  1. I have AT&T and have never had any issues with them. I still have “unlimited data” (I’m not even going into how they revised the unlimited data plan for those of us grandfathered). I use my phone for everything I do (but I don’t stream music or very many videos due to lack of interest) and I have only gone over 3gb of data twice in the past 8 months. Your bill probably tells you how much you use.

    Sucks about HH’s job. So sucks.

    • I was seriously considering it until I realized I’ll have to wait until April. #impatient LOL! I will have to compare plans. I don’t think I’d go over 3GB. I use my iPad cellular data M-F during work and the only time I used it up was when we streamed the women’s soccer game. LOL! I pay for 2GB on the iPad.

  2. I have AT&T and I pay $124/mth for mine and Tyler’s phone. We have unlimited texting and data. But we were grandfathered in as well. So I’m not sure about the new prices. Enjoy the holiday!

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