What’s In A Name…

Apparently a lot, when it comes to changing it. I am definitely proud to have my new last name, but it is a pain to change everything over. I made a list of all the creditors and utilities I need to change, and was like O_o. Not to mention the passport, because somehow my dang birth certificate has gone missing…and I know *I* didn’t move it. But anywho…

I started the name change process at my job, and realized I’ll need my new SS card. I love my supervisor, as I have been MIA a lot this week, and his response is, “no worries.”

Friday morning I went to work early, then left and went to the SSA office and signed in, prepared for a long ordeal. But it actually wasn’t that bad! Based on my four square check in time, I made it out in about 50 minutes. Winning!

Then I decided to hit up the bank and change my info. The lady at the bank wanted to see pics. I had my iPad, so I happily obliged. LOL!

I got back to work and ate lunch at my desk. I called State Farm to add HH to my policies, and his auto insurance will be cheaper with better coverage (I KNOW I told this dude to increase his minimum limits coverage, but looking at his GEICO dec page he still had state minimum limits *facepalm*). I also called the student loan people to see what they needed, and I’ll have to mail or fax documentation to them. After that, I was over it dot net as far as name changing, so I got back to work.

Death to student loans, by the way. Sigh.

Anywho, my supervisor came over and shooed me out early. This is the second time he’s done this, and the second time I couldn’t – well, didn’t want to – leave because I was working a new claim. I’ma learn to work my new claims earlier in the day.

On Monday, I should be able to call the IT help(less) desk and change my email address at work. Then I’ll change my voice mail greeting, and it’ll feel more official. I must say, it was a giddy and weird feeling to sign my new name. I also need to fax my info to HH’s job so they can add me to his health and dental plans.

On Wednesday, I’m going deal with the NCDMV. The SSA said their system needed 24 hours to update and then my new name should be in the system. I am debating on taking my chances on Monday.

Despite the madness with HH’s job changes, this first week of marriage has been like walking on the clouds. I promise the wedding recap post is next. 🙂


8 thoughts on “What’s In A Name…

  1. What changed with HH’s job? You are officially ahead of me in the name change game. All I’ve done is my SS card. I’m headed to the Secretary of State (aka DMV) on Wednesday. Then the bank. I realized that all of our utilities are in Mister’s name except for cable. #Winning I totally forgot about the Dept. of Ed….as you can see, they do not get top billing in my life, lol.

    • I should’ve put the utilities in his name. We just transferred everything from the old house. #hindsight

      HH got moved to a different yard, so now he works 2 hours away. 😦 Too much to drive back and forth, so now he’ll only be home 2 days a week. The alternative was no job at all, so we’re sucking it up.

  2. This is exactly why I kept my ex-husband’s name after the divorce. It’s such a huge pain. Helped that I liked the name, too, but Luis has made it clear that he’s not cool with me hyphenating my Ex’s name with his, nor will he agree to take Ex-H’s last name. (You know I’m playing, but that conversation was heelarious!)

    It’s so nice to work for a great manager isn’t it? So glad you have that.

    Sucks about HH’s job being so far away now. Big fat dislike on that.

    State Farm is IT. CP still has Geico, too. Bleh. I’ve never found anything even remotely competitive with my awesome rate at SF and it’s great coverage. I’ve had the policy for 20 years now and doubt I will ever change.

  3. I’m still thinking of hyphenating mine when we take the plunge mostly because Jas has my last time and that way I can go by either name.

    It really does suck about HH’s job being so far away. But at least its only 2 hours and not a few states distance.

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