In Today’s Random News

  • Yesterday, I bought a tv stand and put it together. I was halfway through when I realized some idiot had tried to put this together previously, did it wrong, and took it back to Walmart. And then those idiots taped the box and put it on the shelf. Sigh. I just went on and put it together, but it has some holes where they shouldn’t be.
  • CH likes to ask me a lot of random questions. Well, maybe not random to him, but they come out of left field for me. The other day he must’ve been watching something about transplant surgery on tv, and he asked me why they put hearts in cold water during transplants. *crickets* Son, I have no idea. LOL! Then he asked me if inmates can sue people from jail. This kid here. Then he wanted to know what I knew about his upcoming surgery to remove his keloid scar. Mind you, HH went to the doctor with him, not me. I’m changing my name to Encyclopedia Brown, because he clearly thinks I know a lot more than I do. LOL! Single Ma said I should look at it as a good thing that he’s comfy talking to me, so I will.
  • I wish I could put a wedding countdown widget on here, but we’re not revealing on social media until its done. Family, and a few close friends, know the date.
  • Today I went to NY & Co to use a coupon and was pissed because I’m still in bewteen sizes. Was feeling down and not at all happy with what was staring back at me from the mirror. Then “Moves Like Jagger” came on the store sound system and I giggled and started feeling better. That’s HH’s song. I got the image of him dancing around in my head and I sang along and went out and picked out the bigger sized pants I needed.
  • my supervisor got busted for wearing sneakers on a day that was not Friday. LOL! So he decided that we probably should act like we’ve read the dress code. I now have to change clothes after PT. Glad I’m down to once per week.
  • All the walls on the rental house are painted this color called “Marigold” (I found the paint buckets in the garage). At first I thought it was stupid that they’d consider this a neutral, and wondered why they didn’t go with white or beige. Then I looked around and realized our décor matches up perfectly with it.
  • I’m looking forward to changing my last name after we get married…Even if the actual process is probably a huge pain. No hyphens for me.
  • The other day, HH was sitting on the love seat. He motioned for me to come over, gave me a kiss and told me that he’s happy. That made me happy.
  • I’m thinking I should’ve given myself a longer break before starting this next CPCU course. Oops.
  • Did not like the Steel Magnolias remake. Give me Sally Field and Shirley MacLaine.

5 thoughts on “In Today’s Random News

  1. I saw your green pants and I am envious! I need to make a trip to NY&C…but I have to clean out before I purchase anything else. Once I do that, I realize I don’t need as much as I thought.

    I liked the original Steel Magnolias better…but I still enjoyed this one. I may or may not have even shed a tear or two.

  2. “The other day, HH was sitting on the love seat. He motioned for me to come over, gave me a kiss and told me that he’s happy. That made me happy.” <– THIS! *tears*

  3. Ch is comfy with you and thats awesome. I love when my future kids wanna chat with me. Especially the teenager. He’s such a good kid.

    I’ll be hyphenating my last name when I get married. Jas and I have the same last name and the older 2 have their dads last name of course so “Blank-Blank” is what will work for us.I’ve been tossing back and forth the idea of changing Jas;s last name to “Blank-Blank” when we get married too. We shall see.

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