Handy Man

When I was coming up, my dad was semi-handy at fixing things. If it was relatively simple, he could get it done. If it became complicated, he would try and try until it got so FUBAR that my mom would have to call in a professional. I specifically remember him attempting to fix our leaky toilet, and making it leak worse. He had to end up turning off the water. We had a half bathroom in our basement, but us girls hated to use it. My mom told him that he was crazy if he thought he was going to have her in a house with 5 kids and no working toilet. LOL! He found someone to fix it in exchange for a six pack of beer. Gotta love the bartering system.

I find myself delighted to see when HH takes care of things around the house, but sometimes I’m a little apprehensive. I guess I flash back to the good old days. He continually proves me wrong and is able to fix up things with no issue.

When I bought my bedroom furniture, I was living in ATL. Rooms to Go delivered and set it up and went on their merry way. At some point, I attempted to move the bed over. It’s a sleigh bed, connected with long slats. I shifted the bottom Sleigh over too much, and it cracked the wood at the bottom of the headboard sleigh. It wasn’t too deep a crack, but as the years (and location moves) continued on, it got worse.

HH saw it and said, “I’ll fix it.” I was like ummmm, what do you know about furniture repair? LOL! He came home with C clamps, wood glue, and other tools. We took the bed apart and slept on the mattress and box spring on the floor, while the repairs dried overnight. The next morning, it was repaired!

Since we’ve moved into the new rental, he has re-stained and repaired the coffee table, removed and re-painted our address numbers, eradicated the nine (yes, nine) ant hills in the back yard, and assembled everything that needed assembly, including our 25 cube Ikea shelf, and put up the curtain rods. One of the sets of blinds in the bedroom was sagging on one side and I mentioned something about it. He took it down and fixed it the night we moved in (he still won’t tell me how. Why are all the repairs an ancient Chinese secret? LOL).

I know this might not seem like much to some, but I’ve been fending for myself for so long – having to call people to help me do things I couldn’t do myself. It’s so nice to have a handy man; one who is naturally good with fixing things intuitively. Just one of the many things I love about him.


5 thoughts on “Handy Man

  1. I’m jealous! But aside from my jealousy I’m so glad you have someone in your life who can do all those handy things. CP isn’t handy at all. And – thankfully – he doesn’t claim to be! When I was coming up (I laughed out loud when I read this first line of your post!) my dad always tried to fix everything and I’ll never forget that bathroom he said he could remodel himself to save money and it took like 6 frickin years! No joke. I always wanted a handyman.

    • LOL! And that was another lovely iOS spell check. I definitely tried to type “growing.” I think I’m going to leave it, though.

      We had our bathroom remodeled but my mom was smart enough to get the professionals. 🙂

      I bet CP knows who to call when the situation arises, though.

  2. Secret revealed – watching MM fix everything when I first moved into my townhome led to our first intimate encounter. Yes, it did that to me!

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