Settling In to the New Digs

We are moved! The last few days have been ultra hectic. Last minute packing, making sure utilities and other arrangements are in order. I ended up taking an extra ay off t et some things squared away; and to get some rest! I just woke up from an epic nap.

This house is a little bigger. The living room is more spacious. CH’s new room is slightly bigger and our bedroom and closet are much bigger. Most importantly, we have a garage for our junk! Yay! HH is talking about getting a lawn mower. Between that, and the boxes we need to keep out there, we will not be parking in the garage any time soon. That’s okay, though. The main thing is,we’re no longer paying U-Haul for storage.

I like the bigger space, and the fact that we have a digital thermostat. We have a nice enough backyard space that we could actually have a cook out or two next summer. Kitchen counter space is still at a minimum, but what else is new. I think it’s still enough space for Mile High Miss to bake some cupcakes (I’m just sayin’.)

What I don’t like is the lack of ceiling fans and overhead lights in the bedrooms. I keep walking into the third bedroom (where miscellaneous stuff is currently stored), and flicking the light switch expecting a light to come on. We don’t even have the wiring in the ceiling to hook up a fan or light fixture. Who designed this house? LOL! I guess this gives us things to keep in mind when we do buy.

Tomorrow will be my first longer commute to work. HH had his yesterday. I will have to actually get out of the bed and stop hitting snooze.

I think know the teen doesn’t appreciate the sacrifice of us moving and incurring all these expenses to make sure he gets a better education. Maybe as an adult he’ll look back and understand. After all, he IS a teen (that’s a whole other blog post).

My whole body has been sore for the past two days. I still went to PT this morning. Because I felt my knee needed it. Therapist said my knee had some joint swelling, but he doesn’t think it’s related to the injury. I’m sure I did too much this weekend. I was standing a lot, lifting boxes, etc. of course, my trusty knee brace was packed away somewhere. Not smart. There is something going on with my wrists, especially the left one. Hoping it just goes away on its own.

Bogey is getting a little less skittish as the days pass. Cats do not do well with new spaces. Every time the door bell rang yesterday, she went and hid under our bed. Poor thing.

After unpacking the essentials and setting up the house so we could “live,” I still see boxes and bags of stuff and wonder, why do we have all this ish? Do we really need it to live? This happens each time I move. And somehow I keep holding on to the stuff. I mean, it’s not severe enough to be on Clean House, but I think I could use an organization person to come in and really make me purge. Clearly, I can’t do it myself. I know I tend to attach memories to “things” and that isn’t always good.

I look forward to settling back into a routine and getting back to working out next week!


6 thoughts on “Settling In to the New Digs

  1. I lived in a home that had no overhead lights and it drove me crazy. Apparently that is common. When I looked for another place to live, that was literally the first thing I checked. Lamps don’t always cut it!

    Nice that you have a bit more space and the teen will have a better education!

    A yard = a dog!

    • I guess maybe its cheaper for the person who builds the house to skip the installation of overhead lights? LOL!

      No dog! The yard isn’t fenced in, but besides that, they need a lot of attention and care and we’re not home enough to do it. Not to mention boarding them when gone on trips, etc. Sometimes I look at Bogey and want to put her little butt out. LOL!

  2. LOL Princess J’s room doesnt have an overhead light either. Light switch connects to outlet so I have a lamp. Come to think of it Bruce Leroy’s either doh!
    Glad you are settled in 🙂

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