Moving On Up!

We move this weekend. I hate packing for a move. I know I told HH he could handle the move, but honestly I wish we had hired movers. Just pray that this goes well.





I can only stand for so long, and then my plantar fasciitis starts to rear it’s ugly head. But the show must go on.

Tomorrow, I’ll tackle the third bedroom that was supposed to be my walk in closet, of sorts. But guess who’s manly stuff is all over the room? Sigh. LOL!

We also need more boxes. I never can get a good estimate of how many. I guess I’ll be back in Lowes.

Does anybody want to come pack up this house for me?!?


2 thoughts on “Moving On Up!

  1. Ha! Today is CP’s move in day and what am I doing? Why, I’m lounging on the couch drinking wine and watching trash tv whilst watching him, his brother and his friend move all the stuff in. Why don’t I help, you ask? Because when I move I PAY movers to do it for me. And part of the reason I do that is laziness. But the other part is that if I don’t ever ask anyone to help me, there ain’t no damn way I’m helping someone else move. Not even my bf.

    I told him to hire movers! They only cost me $300 and it was totally worth it. He thought he could save a few dollars and here he is now complaining about how his back hurts and he wishes he’d not been cheap. Oh. Really? I’m still no getting up from the couch.

    Good luck with your move! HH looks to be much sturdier than CP, so I’m sure you won’t have to endure as much complaining as I am right now (from the couch – hahahha).

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