I came home today and was greeted with a few surprises when I walked through the door. First and foremost was a package on the table from my BFF. She always sends me stuff when I’m least expecting it! The contents:


A blue, cream and orange maxi dress. Her note said she saw it and thought immediately of me. What’s funny about this is that I saw this dress in the store and said to myself, “self – do you really need another maxi dress?” My logical self said no, so I walked away from it. But I loved the colors. She knows me well! 😀

She also enclosed some coupons. Last week before I went to NY she called to check on me and I unloaded a huge rant/vent, including lamentation on our increased grocery bills because the two men were eating us out of house and home! And the fact that I was just still adjusting to having two more people in the house, when for years it’s been me, myself and I. So, she sent me these coupons that she got from her mom; they were extra and she wasn’t going to use them. I definitely appreciate it, because BJs takes coupons. #winning

The second thing I saw was this:


HH and I had discussed getting an extra deep freezer so that we could buy more food in bulk. We talked about getting it after we move to the new rental at the end of the month. I said I wanted to wait to see how much room we’ll have, but there’s actually a space in the kitchen where it may fit perfectly.

Last night, he told me that a friend of ours was moving to FL and she asked him to come and help her pack up the moving truck. Well, actually she asked him to help her drive, and I was like, uh, NO. LOL! He couldn’t anyway, he has to work.

He went over this morning and helper her get everything into the truck, and apparently she either didn’t want to take this, or didn’t have room to take it…not really sure, and he’s not home to give me the scoop. She gifted it to us (it even had some food in it!) and now we don’t have to buy one.

I tell ya, people are in your life for a reason. They are the true gifts!


3 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Oh, I love this post! Isn’t that great to have a friend so in tune with you! Love the freezer too. I need one of those. I understand that a person can really save a lot of money by buying in bulk while favorite frozen foods are on sale. And you’re right–these people are the real gifts.

    🙂 Marion

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