It’s That Time

Last night, HH worked some unplanned OT. When he got home, I was knocked all the way out. I didn’t even hear the phone when he called to tell me about the OT.

This morning, my hip was ridiculously sore, so I laid in bed and tried to stretch it out. He woke up and massaged it a bit for me, then pulled me in for a cuddle.

Then, is his gravelly, sleepy voice he says, “can you please…”

Now, I figured this was going to be some household related request, like picking up something for CH, etc.

Oh, no.

“Can you please… (dramatic pause)…not come to bed with this UGLY t-shirt on?”

That would be this t-shirt here:

Really, comedian?!? I just started laughing and said, “get offa me!” and got out of the bed.

Clearly, it’s time for the football season to be upon us.


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