Random Saturday

  • Today I had another great brick workout. I still have to work on changing gears with the hills. I can see why people go with a road bike rather than a hybrid. If we came down a hill and then back up, it was so much easier for the road bike riders to change gears. The mentor who led our ride was awesome and I’ll give myself kudos for keeping up with her on a hybrid.
  • I decided not to be a hero and try to run the whole 2 miles after riding. I did 2/1 run and walk intervals with two of the mentors. We moved pretty fast on the two minute intervals. I need to get a beeping timer to use for those type of workouts.
  • The knee is sore, but what else is new. Physical therapy starts on Monday, and I await the results of Thursday’s MRI.
  • Today, HH and I were cleaning the house and listening to Anthony Hamilton. I don’t know what song it was, but it was catchy and a good one to dance to. I went and grabbed him and we danced in the middle of the living room. Best moment of the day. šŸ™‚
  • I realized I hadn’t talked to my mom on the phone in a little while so I called her. I got frustrated with the convo because I was trying to tell her what was going on in my life (triathlon training, knee Injury, wedding plans) and it was like everything I mentioned she had a “band camp” story about someone else. Can you just listen for two seconds instead of formulating your responses while I’m talking? This is part of the reason I don’t call as often as I used to…I get tired of just hearing complaints about people and the same stories. Sigh. But then I feel bad about NOT calling. Must come to a resolution on this. It was my dad’s birthday, and I realized I really just wanted to talk to him…just thinking about it makes my head hurt. It feels like he just passed away, but we’re coming up on two years.
  • My stepson (that phrase still sounds crazy to me) will be here in 9 days! It’s going to be an interesting transition.
  • I am really enjoying the new Dallas. I would’ve been mad if it was really cheesy. The cheese worked in the 70s/80s, but it doesn’t work now. I know it’s TNT, but it still catches me off guard when they cuss.
  • I should be doing CPCU studies. The book is on the table staring at me.
  • In the midst of that convo with my mom I found out some chick ran a red light and t-boned my niece while she was driving my brother’s SUV. It apparently hit the guardrail and flipped, but she was able to walk away with basically scratches. Thank God.
  • I met my new neighbor today. She seems pretty cool. She was looking for greenways/paths to run and ride her bike. Might have a new person to exercise with periodically.
  • I think I’m finally over this crud/cold that HH passed on. Yay!
  • What’s new in your world?


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