Slight Disconnect

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that HH and I have both been sickly the past couple of weeks. He got “the crud” first, and despite increasing my vitamin C and continuing my supplements, he passed it on to me. Ugh.

I guess I am a horrible sick person. I just don’t want to be bothered. Just let me rest and I’ll be back to my old self when I get well. Since I’ve been by myself most of my adult life, it never occurred to me to think about how that would affect someone else.

Yesterday, before HH went to work we were sitting here talking and I went over and gave him a hug and was rubbing his shoulders. He said, “oh, you must be feeling better because you have NOT wanted to be bothered the past few days.”

I was thinking, well DUH! Not only did you give me the crud, it also coincided with Shark Week ( thanks, SingleMa, for that term, lol). So, I can’t breathe out of my nose, at night I wake up coughing up GOBS of mucus, I’m drugged up on cough meds and cough drops, and I’m bleeding with cramps.

I didn’t really think that needed an explanation as to why I wasn’t my normal self.

But apparently it hurt his feelings. He said I was like a hurt lioness and I just retreated to lick my wounds.

I guess! Perhaps I was a little crabby. I mean, I don’t really know what else I was supposed to do, though?

I’m not the kind that wants to be babied and loved on when I’m sick. Just gimme the meds and help me find my bed. At one point we were both sick and we both looked and functioned like death warmed up…so it’s not like he was a ball of sunshine, either! LOL!

But I feel bad that we had that disconnect. We really were like passing ships in the night. Some nights he slept on the couch to avoid waking me with his coughing, and vice versa. We didn’t cuddle, but I always did give him my customary kiss/have a good day/I love you speech in the mornings before work. I was feeling horrible the day I went to buy my bike and he kept trying to get me to ride it and do it his way…I haven’t been on a bike in 20 years. Couple that with being sick and not in the mood for being laughed at, and I’m I gave him the side eye and snapped at him. That’s probably the incident that is stuck in his mind.

We’re both off today, so hopefully we can get in some nice quality time and make up for else horrible two weeks.

How do you interact with your SO when you’re sick?


9 thoughts on “Slight Disconnect

  1. I haven’t yet been with CP during a time of sickness (thankfully I rarely get sick!), but this weekend I had to learn to deal with us during exhaustion and neediness coupled with and/or caused by PMS. It was rough. I got mad. I cried. I hated him for a minute. But in the end we worked it out and it’s ok.

    Relationships are hard. You know this. I’m trying to learn this.

    • I haven’t had a cold since Jan 2010! I had a good streak going. I’m bummed. At least now we know how we are when we’re sick and we can adjust accordingly.

  2. Girl!!! When Mister is sick, he wants to be babied. You’d swear he was knocking on death’s door, it had answered, and he was tiptoeing across the threshold! Lol.

    I’m like you. Just leave me be. I will take my meds, get in the bed and be still. It will pass. Mister will be harping on me about whether I took the meds or not and telling me I need to go to the doctor (but he won’t step foot in a doctor’s office) and be all over me.

    Plus, I’m a slight germaphobe so when he’s sick, I steer clear. Ain’t nobody got time to be sick (in my Sweet Brown voice) but Mister thinks I need to be all up under him and kissing on him and what not. *record scratch* I was just sick with a sinus infection and bronchitis about 2 weeks ago so these memories are fresh, lol.

  3. Obligatory “No SO” statement…but I don’t like to be babied at all. When I am sick, I act like I am not and it goes away! If you are sick, I expect you to man up and shake it off.

    Maybe this is why I have no SO?

  4. I don’t have a SO right now, but I do like to be babied when I’m sick. It’s weird because when I’m well, I don’t need a bunch of cuddling or over the top affection. I’m just not a very touchy, feely kind of person. But when I’m sick, I mean sick SICK…lawd! Handle me with kids’ gloves because I need a lot of attention and tender loving care or I just might DIE!!

  5. I like to be babied when I’m sick. In fact I demand it, LOL. Hubby takes babying to the next level – like another commenter’s boo – he wants to be all up under me. I’m not trying to catch his germs.

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