Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, and the day off if you had it.

On Sunday, after my swim assessment, we decided to go to Carowinds. The original plan was to attend a cookout, and to hit up Carowinds on Monday. HH was afraid it would rain on Monday. So we changed up the plans. Not to mention, the cookout we were going to, the hostess was allergic to fish…so there wouldn’t have been much for HH to eat.

We got to Carowinds around 5:00pm and it was nice and sunny. I was surprised to see so many people arriving at that time. We paid our $12 to park and headed on in. We parked over near The Intimidator…didn’t know I’d be screaming on that thing hours later. LOL!

We decided to upgrade to the Gold season passes since the sale was ending that weekend. Before you go into the park you have I take your receipt to another location where they take your pic and issue your card. HH was making a goofy face and had to take his pic twice. He is a comedian.

After we made it in and made a bathroom pit stop, we ended up in line for the Vortex. This is the stand up roller coaster. The line was moving quickly and we got to the platform stairs, and all of a sudden there was an ominous buzzing sound. We couldn’t hear exactly what the employee was saying, other than technical difficulties. HH said, “it’s broke? As hell nawl. We out!” LOL! Needless to say, we left that line.

Our first official roller coaster ride together was the Carolina Cyclone. The line was extra short, and after riding I realized why. That thing is the shortest roller coaster in the history of coasters. If it lasted 25 seconds I’d be surprised. LOL! I think this was one of the first coasters at the park…so you gotta ride it just to say you did.



After that, it was on to The Drop Tower. I’ve been on this before, but of course this whole park is new to HH. It’s 160 feet high, and you end up free falling about 100 feet before the mechanism catches you. After it takes you up, you pause for a few seconds. So, you’re sitting there like, “oh, there’s uptown Charlotte in the distance…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!” I am laughing out loud as I type this, because HH’s face after this ride was priceless.


Next up was the Carolina Cobra. It’s a boomerang coaster that takes you forward down a hill, through a loop and then up a hill…and then you do it backwards. This was the first long line we encountered, but well worth it.


The pic they took of us on is one was hilarious, so we got the magnet and the 6 x 8:


HH lamented, after riding this one, that maybe he’d lost his coaster mojo. LOL!

They have a new ride this year, called the Wind Seeker. It’s a swing ride, but this thing takes you up ridiculously high. 301 feet, to be exact. Then it swings you around at 30 mph, and the arms of the swing go out to a 45 degree angle. It’s not that old school swing we’re used to. HH loved it. I enjoyed it, but I found I had to keep looking out at the scenery, because if I looked in and to e left at the other people, my gaze wanted to drop down and that would’ve made it worse.


If I had to pick. I’d say my favorite ride was The Intimidator. Named after the late, great Dale Earnhardt, this one debuted in 2010. The seats on this are not your typical harness style bucket seats…but they work because there are no loops on this one. It’s just hilly and FAST!


Yep, kids: no shoulder harness!

The first drop is 211 foot drop angled at 75 degrees. For those of you who aren’t good at math, it’s not a straight drop, but it’s only 15 degrees away from it. LOL! If you heard somebody screaming in the distance on Sunday around 7:30 or so, that was probably me…


Not a coaster for the weak!! LOL

We stayed at the park until closing time, and we had a blast. We’ll probably take the teen when he gets here, if he can stay outta trouble.

(in line for the last coaster, the Night Hawk. Literally in line for an hour and it was 10:00pm by the time we got on.)

How was your weekend? Anything exciting?


10 thoughts on “Carowinds!

  1. Hey Cass, sounds like you two had a blast. I didn’t know there was an Intimidator at Carowinds. The kids have ridden the one here at King’s Dominion a few times. Girl, your “dramatical” niece swears she blacked out on the ride because it was going so fast! LOL I would not have been able to get on that swing ride…I would have been sick for sure.

  2. I don’t do well with roller coasters. I might do one per park visit. It’s usually one where your feet hang because those tend to be less scary.

  3. you just gave me an idea for summer fun with Mister when the kids are gone!!! Thanks!!!!

    and Ummm so because the hostess is allergic to fish she doesn’t have options for her guests???? *blink*

    • Chile…apparently they don’t even bring fish in the house. She must be highly allergic. I didn’t want HH to be some place where he couldn’t eat. My co-worker said he plans to get a separate smaller grill to cook fish in the future.

      • Wow I am severely allergic to mushrooms and I always let the host know ahead of time.. wow.. well that’s uncomfortable.. I understand her food allergy but if you have guests that are vegetarian or don’t eat meat then what?? hmm

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