Swim Assessment

So today was the swim assessment. The email they sent us advised that it was between 12-2. Apparently the mentors were given a different time, as when we arrived they weren’t quite ready for us.

Eventually the kinks were worked out and they were ready to start assessments. They kept trying to get us to try in the 6ft-17ft pool. Um, no. If we’re telling you we’re bubble blowers, that’s where we need to be.

Let me back up. There are four “levels,” if you will. Bubble Blowers, beginners, intermediate, and advanced. If you’ve got no breathing technique and can’t really float, you need to be in with the BB’s. That would be yours truly. LOL!

Thank Yah, Allah, Buddha and the Toof Fairy that they have a 25 meter pool that’s no more than 5 feet deep. I think it goes to like 4 feet and some change. That works for me.

We got in and the first drill involved kneeling down in the water and holding our breath for five counts. I couldn’t stay all the way down, but the mentors assured me that was a good thing.

Then we split into smaller groups and started working in breathing. This is where I struggle. Obviously I need more lung capacity or something. I could stay under for too long and I couldn’t get the hang of still blowing out as you come up to take your next breath. Thankfully, my mentor was someone I’ve known since 2002 so I felt very comfortable working with her, and she was very patient with me. LOL!

I won’t bore you with all the details, but our last drill was to practice floating on our backs. I thought I could at least do this, right? Uh, no. LOL! I couldn’t get my legs to stay up and I kept halfway sinking.

They are meeting again next week, but I’ll be at the jazz fest. It’s only $6 for us to go to the aquatic center during the week, so I’m going to try and go 2-3 times per week. I’m also going to look into private lessons, as I clearly an a remedial bubble blower and need extra one on one time. LOL!

I shoulda learned this mess as a kid! Oh well.

Are you a swimmer? When did you learn? What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been give regarding swimming?


9 thoughts on “Swim Assessment

  1. I love swimming. I learned when I was around 7 or 8.
    To relax. It’s hard when you learn later in life (my mom is 55 and just learned how to swim)
    Once she learned to relax she was ok.

  2. I’ve been swimming all my life and when I hear of people not knowing how to swim it’s so weird to me because it’s like riding a bike for me. My sister was in swimming lessons at 6 months old – I remember that. I don’t know when I started, but I’ve always been way cool/comfortable with the water. And we had a pool when I was a kid so things like treading water and seeing who could stay under longest were every day summer things for us.

    Aside from that – swimming class was part of my gym class growing up. So I dont just feel comfortable in the water, but I also know pretty much all the strokes. All that being said – I hate swimming as exercise and when I’m in the water now it’s just to cool off. I’m not in any way trying to do any of the stuff I know for sport.

    You’ll get more cOmfortable the more you do it. Like anything else in life. New things are always hard, but in a few short weeks you’ll look back and wonder why you ever feared it in the first place.

  3. See, we didn’t grow up with a pool. My parents weren’t big swimmers, and then weather in Syracuse did not allow for a lot of swim time. We didn’t get out of school until June and then by august (back then, before global warming, lol) it was starting to cool down. I guess it just never occurred to my parents to send us to swimming lessons.

    I think it will be great low impact exercise for my knee, so I’m anxious to learn for quite a few reasons. I’d love to be able to jump in and swim some laps without worrying about sinking like a brick. LOL

  4. I didn’t learn how to swim until we moved to Hawaii when I about 8. I pretty much taught myself with some help from my dad. When you live in Paradise and everyone surfs, you will definitely learn how to swim and surf before you leave.

    My best piece of advice is to relax and do what you feel comfortable doing. Don’t push yourself too fast or you will freak yourself out. Take your time and ease into the different levels and steps. And don’t quit! You have to stick it out until you tackle it.

  5. I can’t swim either, but I love the water and I’m not afraid. Folks say that I’m halfway there. I’ve been thinking about taking lessons but have never gotten around to it.

  6. I can float on my back, swim (or do some swim-like stuff) above water, swim below water with goggles, and do a back stroke. What I can’t do is get in deep water without a flotation belt, synchronize a stroke with breathing, or tread water (go figure). I think I’m a half reckless half scaredy-cat newbie swimmer. I usually don’t go too far in the ocean or in the pool – except for that one time last summer when I jumped off a boat in extra deep water to go snorkeling in Anguilla. *shrug* I’ll be joining you as part of the newbie swimmers in lessons this summer. I have my eyes on a Tri in 2013. Hopefully, we’ll both learn how to relax in the water soon.

  7. I only learned in 2010.. and I’m laughing like crazy at you not being able to float.. my instructor used to tease me and say suck ya booty in!!! LOL I am so thankful that I learned to swim. it was the BEST thing I could have ever done in my adult life. I’m going to go back for level 3 classes in the fall maybe

    kudos I look forward to hearing about your swimming journey

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