Brain Dump!

The first official brain dump on the new blog!

The other day, HH came home with this:


He found it at WalMart…we had been looking at bikes the other day, but I noticed all of their road bikes were for men. This one included. I could barely climb up on the thing. I had no clearance over the bar when I tried to stand. I couldn’t even get on it to ride…but he kept insisting I was doing it wrong.

We came back in the house and I looked up the bike reviews. Dudes who were 6’2 were talking about this was the perfect bike for them. O_o The next day he went back to WalMart and was looking online and finally admitted that the bike was too big. Really? Did you need the dude at WalMart to tell you that after I told you that repeatedly? LOL

I was so happy that he was thinking of me, but I had told him I was going to get measured for a bike. In this aspect he reminds me of my dad; I wasn’t doing it fast enough, so he went out and took care of it himself, but not the right way. I didn’t want to come down on him, because I really did appreciate that he bought the bike.

Swim assessment for Tri It For Life is in a week. I need to go find a modest one piece, goggles, and a swim cap. I don’t know how this chlorine is going to work with my locs. We shall see.

The Capital Jazz Fest is coming up! I can’t wait to meet up with my sisters again this year. This is becoming our annual girls’ trip. Although this time, my cousin is coming with us, and my brother is going to meet us there. The line up should be awesome. I’ll be sure to post pics.

MamaMixtress had me thinking my uncle’s prostate cancer had returned…when in reality he was going to the doc to be tested for sleep apnea. How you mix those two things up? LOL! Gotta love the oldsters.

Going to make an appointment with the doctor soon. My knee is sore pretty much every day. I need to be able to function for my tri training.

I’m worried we won’t be able to save enough cash for the wedding/honeymoon. :/

It has been hella fun catching up on original episodes of Dallas. I would love to have all the seasons on DVD. Same thing goes for The Golden Girls.

This weekend I have a baby shower to attend, and then on Sunday HH is participating in the Warrior Dash! Wish him luck. Mud, fire, and wall climbing. I was going to sign up, but when the deadline approached I didn’t think my knee could handle it. I was right. I’ll be there to cheer him on, instead. Maybe I’ll make a sign. LOL!

My until leader has given me the green light to start working on my Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation. The company will reimburse me for study materials and for one exam fee per exam. Who could turn that down? It’ll be nice to sink my teeth into some studying again.


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