Day 14: Presto, Change-O

A photo of you last year, and talk about how you’ve changed…


Hmmm…well, of course, there are the obvious changes. My locs look less like twists and more like locs now! They don’t come out when washed, and they have weight and movement. And I’m finally free to henna again.

As for the rest of me, maybe slightly more muscular, but not much change in size. On some days I think I look more tired…I feel like I’ve had a lot more going on this year and it’s only May. I’m definitely missing my regular yoga.

I’ve gone from being a girlfriend to a fiancé! With that comes the stress of saving/planning for a wedding. I feel like I’m always crunching numbers in my head. I just need to shut the calculator off. We will do what we can do – no more, no less. But I’m extremely happy to have HH with me now, and that has been an absolute change for the better.

Last year this time, I was still fighting with the government about my Dad’s last SS check. What a nightmare. It might be good that there’ll be no SS when I get older. Geez.

I think I’m a lot more focused on my goals this year. Last year I did a lot of “living in the moment.” while it was fun, it wasn’t the best for my finances. This year I am trying to do a better job of looking at the big picture.

With the exceptions of my knee injury and my lack of dietary discipline for weight loss, I think this year is going much better than last year. 🙂


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