Day 12: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Something you don’t leave home without…

It’s not my American Express card, although in the past I did use my Blue Cash card for gas purchases and Costco purchases when I lived in Atlanta.

I think everyone who knows me pretty much knows the answer to this, but here it is:


I pretty much always have these with me. Although we have a home phone now, most people don’t have the number, so I still function as if the cell is my only phone.

As for my iPad, I am rarely on my laptop anymore, except for when I need to do iTunes updates, or if it’s something that’s easier to do on there. I’m starting to get adept at finding apps to take care of everything I need on the iPad. I love to just chill out at Starbucks and play games and participate in social networking. Matter of fact, almost all of the blog entries on this site have been done with the iPad.

I thought about this the other day when one of my Twitter friends tweeted about a story she heard on Frank Ski and Wanda in the Morning. Apparently this woman met this guy in her apartment complex and he asked her out. They went on a date and then back to her place. After they do the do, she notices the ring on his finger and asks if he’s married. The fool says yes, and that he’s in it for the money. She tells him to get out and threatens to call the police. He snatches her iPhone from her and says he’s going to rob her. He takes her iPad too, and then leaves. She runs after him and gets his tag number, then calls the police.

The police come, and it turns out the dude lives in her apartment complex! They go to his door, and he answers, with a baby in tow. His wife comes to the door as well. The girl tells her story and the guy admits to it. The wife lets the officer in, and they find the iPhone and iPad in there.

Aside from her horrible dating decisions (thats a whole ‘nother blog), after reading these tweets, I remember thinking, “how in the world did she let him out the house with her phone and her iPad?!? How did he even know she had an iPad? As far as I could tell, he did not have a weapon of any kind.

As I read her tweets, all I could think was, “that dude woulda left with a limp!”

Just like nobody puts Baby in a corner, nobody touches my iPad! I had visions of me half dressed, beating dude down with the nearest heavy object. Those tweets had my pressure up!

Perhaps that’s why it’s always with me. Then I always know its ok. LOL! I promise I’m not crazy, though.

What’s something you don’t leave home without?


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