Day 11: A Quote I Love

Alright…I think I’m a day or two behind, so I’ll just hit you with a quick blog challenge entry. I’m sure their are many quotes/phrases I’ve picked up over the years, but one that sticks with me is one I got from my high school track coach.

I was out of high school at this point. I don’t remember if I was still in college or had just graduated. Anywho, Syracuse Univeristy has an outdoor track not too far from my mom’s house. I had gone up there to walk, and saw my old coach. He was up there coaching some of his current athletes.

Not to brag, but the girls I ran with we’re pretty darn good. We brought home league titles in indoor and outdoor track. We may have complained every now and then, but we worked hard in practice and it paid off. Looking at the current team struggling on the track, I got the feeling that’s not what he was dealing with.

Me: Hey CP! (my friend Amy started us calling him this, instead Coach P_____) How’s the team?
CP: Lemme put it to you like this: you can’t make chicken salad outta chicken shit.

I fell out! All he could do was work with what he had.

I’ve been working that quote into my life for years now. It fits a lot of situations. LOL!

Thanks, CP.


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