Day 10: Be Very Afraid

Today’s task is to write about something you’re afraid of. I went back and forth on whether I was going to write about something deep, like relationship failure, or just something that plain gives me the heebie jeebies. I decided on the latter.


Arachnophobia, baby. (and WHO decided to make that wretched movie?)

It started when I was a child. My dumb butt somehow ended up watching Kingdom of the Spiders, and from then on, a spider couldn’t do NUTHIN for me. Come to think of it, why was I even watching that movie? Or The Car for that matter? Always watching stuff that wasn’t meant for me. LOL!

Back to the spiders. So what, they kill other bugs? I know they have a reason to be in the evolutionary chain, but I really could do without them now. Also, let the record show that spiders down south are on some new isht. We did not have creatures like this in NY. Brown recluse and wolf spiders. Seriously?

The apartment I had before I moved to ATL was a spider magnet. The buildings were fairly new, so during construction they unearthed all sorts of creatures. These things would just walk up in my apartment like they paid the rent! I was constantly calling for the exterminator. And then after he’d spray, I’d wake up and find those mugs dying their last death in a corner somewhere. Ugh.

Before I moved into the rental house, they were camping up in there. I came in with a container of Ortho Home Defense and just sprayed everything. It was everything within me to even approach those suckas, but I had no choice, because HH wasn’t there yet. Matter of fact, at my old apartment, this ugly, reddish-brown monster of a thing kept camping out on my patio! Middle Dolly was brave, and she sprayed it with Raid from about 4 feet away. LOL

I saw one last week and I just froze in place and kept saying “spider!” until HH killed it. And then he was all, “really? You scared of a tiny spider?” And I was all, “yes, dammit!” Sad scene. Obviously, he’s never seen pics of the injuries a brown recluse can cause. Not that this was a brown recluse, but it doesn’t even matter. They all got to go.

So…yeah. If we’re out and about and a spider rolls up, the kid is rolling out. I might not even tell you why I’m moving from the area. I will vacate the chair first, and then tell you. LOL!

What are you afraid of?


8 thoughts on “Day 10: Be Very Afraid

  1. Dear Cassie,

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t read this post. I’m dead ass serious. I’m so scared of spiders that I can’t even stand to read about them. I’ll be back when you post again.

    Yours in Jesiis,
    Miss Mile High

    • Oh lawd! Well I told HH he was in charge of all things car related and killing bugs. I guess you’ll be making the same deal with CP. LOL! I hope we never see one out together. We’ll be running each other over to get away!

  2. Spiders and mice! When we were at my Grandma’s last summer a spider bigger than my head was lurking. I was calling my mom-she was sleep- so my Grandma rushes in the room like “Marie! What the hell is wrong with you?” I said “It’s a spider, and I don’t do spiders!” She told me to shut the hell up, go to bed and leave it alone! Really?!?! Then the monster showed up in the bathroom the next day, I hightailed it out of there butt booty naked! BBJ laughed at me but I didn’t care.

  3. I saw the biggest spider of my life at a rest stop in Texas, It was about as big as my hand. I showed my sister so she wouldn’t be startled and I thought she was going to run all the way back to Las Vegas. I had to catch her so she wouldn’t run out into the brush to possibly encounter a rattler. Lawd…the struggle it real. I was scared to but I was afraid that bad boy would jump if I screamed.

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