Day 8: Do You Know Where You’re Going To…

Describe a place you’ve traveled to, and where else you want to travel

My first trip overseas was to Wurzburg, Germany. At that time, my brother in law was still active duty in the military, and thy had been over there for a couple of years. Middle Dolly said, “you gotta hurry up and get over here, before they bring us back!”


Before that trip, I did not have a passport. I had no need for it. That’s how little I traveled. My senior year in college, my mom paid for me to take the senior cruise to the Bahamas, but at that time they’d still accept your birth certificate and I.D. Canada? Pfffft. I went to school in Buffalo, so we crossed that border constantly.

Of course, when it was time to get the passport, I couldn’t find my birth certificate, I searched high and low. Some had to send off to NY for a duplicate, then rush my passport through. Thank goodness my sis paid for half my ticket, because those were lean times. And you know I found the dang birth certificate after all that. LOL

I went in April, so it was a little chilly over there. The flight was super long. I’m gonna need to fly first class next time I’m on a plane for that long. I’m 5’2″ and I was über uncomfortable for most of the trip. But I was also overweight, so that was not helping.

My niece and I…you can’t see it here, but I was carrying some pounds. A couple of years ago my BIL told me I “waddled” through the airport when they came to get me. Sigh.

When I left for Germany, that was the first time I was dating Idiot (that’s his name from the old blog, lol). I didn’t have a digital camera at the time, so he let me take his. That’s one thing I can give him: he was generous with things and money…that’s the only way he knew how to show he cared.

I got to Frankfurt early in the morning and was so glad to see my sister, BIL and niece! She was getting so big and had a great vocabulary. I was there for 8 days, and I never did get used to the time change. I took lots of pics in downtown Wurzburg, and we even went on a castle tour. I got to try schnitzel and Spezi…still don’t know what the big deal is about mixing cola and orange soda, though. Alas, when in Rome…




We tried to get up to see this castle, as it wasn’t too far from where they were living. But no matter where we turned, we could not find a way up the hill! I was like that scene in Nat’l Lampoon’s European Vacation when Clark couldn’t get out of the traffic circle…”there’s Big Ben…Parliament…” (that makes no sense if you’ve never seen the movie. Hella random. LOL)

It was a great trip, and shortly after I returned, my BIL was stationed back in VA. It’s a good thing I went! 🙂

As to where I would like to go in the future…I’m not really sure. I haven’t been bitten by the travel bug. The only other time I was on a plane that long was flying to Honolulu in 2005. If anything, I’d like to go back and see some of the other Hawaiian islands, and take my mom. With her back injury, I don’t think she can make the plane ride. :/ This is why I have yet to figure out what we’re doing for a honeymoon.

Where have you been, and where would you like to go? Why?


8 thoughts on “Day 8: Do You Know Where You’re Going To…

  1. Lmao @ “there’s Big Ben…parliament…” I love that movie.

    Sitting on a plane for a long time is nothing good. When I was booking my flight to Brazil the first class price was the rock-bottom, bargain basement deal of $11,000. Yeah, I won’t be flying first class like ever.

  2. I haven’t really traveled outside the US too much, only on my cruise. My fav trips thus far would be my cruise to Mexico and my trip to Los Angeles last year. I really want to see Paris..

  3. I am dreading my flight to Thailand-18 hours. When I went to Nigeria, it was 12 hours. I went down first class and the 12 hours flew…coming back though I was with the regular people and it was miserable! I love to travel though and am just now making trips happen. The hardest thing is I don’t want to go alone and getting travel partners has been challenging.

    For your honeymoon I suggest a cruise (not that you asked me :)). Typically the boats have A Lot of entertainment and there are great places to visit.

  4. I’m like 2 years late! LOL! My longest flight was to Dubai and it was 12.5 going 12 coming back. Even though I was in coach it was extremely comfortable. When I go overseas I like to fly an international carrier. Delta, American or anything domestic can’t mess with the foreign carriers. I mean my coach seat was like domestic first class. Plus Emirates is the premiere airlines along with Cathay. It was fantastic. Barcelona was only a 6 hr flight from NYC. Once I was in Spain I went to Italy and France. Hell , it takes 6 hrs to get to San Fran or Phoenix. Everytime I fly to the west coast I ask myself why didn’t I just go to Europe. I’ve been to a slew of Carribean islands. Aruba and Jamaica are my favorites. I’m hoping to go to Caymans next month(although I don’t love it there). I jsut need a break. My big trip this years is Argentina in September. Sure hope I don’t look like a stalker commenting two years later. LOL!

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