Day 6: Pet Peeves

I started this last night and then I fell asleep…I don’t think it saved what I wrote. 😦 If it did, I don’t know how to access it from the app. So we’re going to start over.

Pet Peeve: a small annoyance that may be annoying to you, but acceptable to others. I have lots of those. I’ll just list a few:

  • people who talk at the movies. Seriously? The time to show your intellectual side was at dinner. STFU. I’m having a flash back to going to see “This Is It” with New York.
  • people who answer the phone at the movies and then sit and talk.
  • people who drive halfway past the turn land, then decide to get into it, leaving their rear end sticking out in the straight land, thus blocking my driving path. This is pretty much EVERYBODY in Charlotte.
  • folks who don’t know how to use their inside voices. Quit hollering at me! I’m right here!
  • crusty feet/ashy hands on a man. I promise y’all it’s not gay to use lotion.
  • cheap, greedy people who want to go to lunch and order a side salad, but then keep asking you if you’re going to eat all your food. if you gesture towards my plate one mo’ time, I’m gon’ stab your hand with my fork! Back up! LOL!
  • people who tweet/FB in all text abbreviations. If I have to use hieroglyphics to decipher your message, I’m not gonna read it.
  • inserting the word “eye” for “I.” No.
  • not using the spellcheck that came with your smart phone.
  • people who post all kinds of prolific advice on their FB status, but then don’t put it to use.

LOL! What are some of your pet peeves?


5 thoughts on “Day 6: Pet Peeves

  1. I just shared this one with CP this morning: I cannot STAND when people slam doors. It’s seriously the worst thing ever. My old roommate/BFF used to slam the door every single time he left and it made me absolutely crazy.

    • I forgot about door slamming. It’s funny, sitting there writing the list, I knew I had more, but kept drawing a blank.

      We were not allowed to slam doors growing up. So now at 37, I still can’t really do it. LOL!

  2. Disregard for punctuality.

    Strange feet in my shoes – I have a friend that will just slide her feet in my slippers

    Driving slow in the fast lane and trucks that hang out in the far right lane – makes it hard to merge.

  3. I read someone who does “eye” for “I” and I want to beat her.

    Pet peeve of the week is when I ask a question and I dont get an answer. For example: “Did you email X?” Response: “I haven’t seen X this week.”. Answer the question I asked! Jeez.

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