Ease into 5K – Week 6, Day 3

Did I tell y’all I’m doing Ease into 5K workouts to get my knee back into running? I mostly go after work at the greenway near my job. Rising temps are about to make this problematic, so I will need a plan B soon.

Occasionally on weekends, HH will come with me. Today’s workout was to walk a 5 minute warm up, then 20 minutes continuous jogging.

For whatever reason, HH wanted to start the warm up at a point that would have us start our RUN at the bottom of this hill:


Why? But we did. He told me before we got started that if he fell behind, I should go on without him. By the time we got to the top of the hill, his calf was tightening up so he stopped to stretch. I looked back and he wasn’t there. I kept going.

I was hoping to be within 11:00 – 11:15, but according to the gps I averaged 10:57 for this run. Winning! It was a pressing pace though. I should have taken it easier.

I had to finish the last 30 seconds of running at the bottom of that same hill (the course is a loop). Whew! Hills build character. Or something like that.

After my 5 minute cool down, I walked back to HH (who actually wasn’t that far back) and we continued walking the rest of the 2nd lap for a total of 3.6 miles.

Here is the workout summary according to the Ease into 5K app:


Afterwards we went downtown to hang at the park, and stopped at a pizza place for early dinner. Lots of tempting things, but I ultimately went for a salad with grilled shrimp.

There was some kind of event going on in the park with music and people, so we sat at one of the picnic tables and watched and talked, then headed home.

Sunday is the one day when neither of us has to work. I love it when we make the most I our time. šŸ™‚


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