This happened today


Friggin’ tractor trailer tread got kicked up into my car during rush hour and I couldn’t avoid it.

Got home and backed into the driveway, so I never walked around the front of the car. Didn’t realize the extent of the damage until HH burst through the door asking me if I was ok and what happened.

I looked at him like, “wha?” and then I remembered I hit that damn tread.

Best case scenario is they will consider it a flying object and then I’ll only have I pay my $50 comp ded, as opposed to my $250 colln ded.


In other news, I used the State Farm pocket agent app to report the claim. I give it 2 thumbs up. It lets you describe the accident and upload photos. You can even do a scene diagram if necessary. Gotta love technology. My iMixtress #altareagle (I love twitter) was truly excited to report the claim via an app, rather than having to call.

HH is in time out right now. When I lamented that my Cowboys vanity tag got demolished, he said, “well, at least some good came out of it…”

That RGIII draft musta went to his head!

And I’m getting a new tag as soon as the damage is fixed. I know exactly where the kiosk is in Concord Mills. Hmphf.


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