We Fancy, Huh?

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I have give HH (my fiancé) the nickname Frugal MacDougal. that’s actually the name of a liquor store right over the border in SC, where you can get alcohol for cheaper than here in NC. Hence the “frugal.”

I call him this because he is definitely the “saver” in this relationship. Which is actually a good thing, because it provides a balance, and is a good influence on me. He hates debt, and I like that about him. Love it. But I digress.

HH thinks the Dollar Tree is the greatest place ever. Well, any dollar store, but we mostly have DTs. If you’ve ever seen “Legally Blonde” (the first one, not that horrid sequel), there’s a scene where Elle has to go interview a witness at a spa. One of the attorneys says to her, “a spa? Isn’t that, like, your mothership?”

The Dollar Tree is HH’s mother ship. Whatever beings brought the Dollar Tree to Earth, those are his people.

It’s a running joke with us now. Matter of fact, I remember telling him that he could not get my engagement ring from the Dollar Tree. IJS. I know they sell earrings. I was just putting it out there.

Whenever I come home and there’s something new in the house, or some generic meds or something, he’ll be like, “and guess where I got those from?” the answer is never Harris Teeter, Walmart, or Bilo. It’s the Dollar Tree. In his mind, I spend too much on Claritin, when we can get Assured Rx Allergy Relief for a DOLLAR!

A couple of weeks ago, I came home to these in the yard:


I sent him a text:

Me: hey! Nice lights. Can’t wait to see them at night. (it was still light out)
HH: Guess where those came from?!?
Me: *facepalm*

Because I KNOW they don’t sell no dang solar yard lights at the Dollar Tree.

Oh, but they do. The Dollar Tree tryna get fancy, huh? I guess I need to give Dollar Tree their props. LOL!


8 thoughts on “We Fancy, Huh?

  1. What he doesn’t realize is that I saw at least 5 lights and they had to be a DOLLAR each, yet you could get a 5 pack of those at Walmart for the rollback price of $3.48. Lol


    • RIGHT! LOL! I’m not telling him that, though. He’ll argue that he was already there getting Gatorade, so he just picked them up. Now I’m wondering if it was more than 1 for a dollar. A couple were broken, so I think he went back and got more.

  2. Very funny post, Cassandra! My teen daughter gets all of her nail art polish at Dollar Tree. We buy gum there too. It can be a good place–if you know how to stop when it’s still a good thing.

    🙂 Marion

  3. I shed tears of joy when I saw them opening a new dollar tree near my job!! I get cards there, gift bags, and disposable containers. I love $ tree! You made a good choice in a lifelong mate!

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