Day 1: Intro, Photo, and 15 Interesting Facts

Here I is!


(along with my wonderful fiancé, of course)


    I competed in the Empire State Games when I was in high school. Ain’t bring home nary a medal, but I was there! I got the pics to prove it.

    If I’m eating a meal with multiple items (like rice, a veggie, and a meat), I eat a little of each thing at a time until the whole meal is gone.

    I was an INROADS intern for four summers. Four hot azz summers in stockings, business suits, and Saturday workshops. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    There were 240 people in my HS graduating class; I was ranked 8th.

    I used to take piano lessons, but I was horrible with reading music, especially the bass clef.

    I lived in 3 different floor plans in the same apartment complex once. Every year I felt like I needed more space. LOL!

    I’ve never been to the West Coast.

    I can’t swim.

    I’m signed up to participate in the Rambling Rose Triathlon in September (which makes the item above kinda crazy, lol)

    My favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is What A Cluster.

    I’m just now learning how to play Spades. We never played growing up, and I went to a small school.

    I think MLB is the most boring sport in the history of sports. I just don’t get it. It’s like watching paint dry.

    I hate to cook. HH is better at it than I am. LOL

    I’ve never broken a major bone (I don’t count the pinky toes.)

    I walk around barefoot a lot.

And that’s me! 🙂


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